When Should You Call Code Enforcement Abatement Team?

The Code Enforcement Abatement Team is responsible for responding to requests and proactively patrolling the City to abate conditions that create safety hazards and contribute to blight such as:

Abandoned shopping cart

  • Illegally dumped junk/rubbish on sidewalks, streets, parks, and other public places
  • Abandoned shopping carts
  • Graffiti

The Abatement Team also assists Code enforcement officers with homeless encampment abatement activities, including junk/rubbish removal, shopping cart abatement, and collection and storage of valuables. During 2019, the abatement Team removed 6,251 cubic yards of debris from city property and abated graffiti at 733 locations in the City. The abatement Team also assisted Code Enforcement Officers with cleaning up 211 homeless encampments. 

Examples of violations that the Code Enforcement Division responds to include: 

  • Blighted, unmaintained, unsecured, or unsafe properties – including pools and fencing
  • Storage of junk and debris
  • Overgrown vegetation creating a hazard
  • Right-of-way encroachments including trees and debris
  • Inadequate or no garbage service
  • Inoperable/junk vehicles on private property
  • Vehicles parked on an unimproved surface
  • Major automotive repairs in the driveway of a residence
  • Illegal dumping (Property owner is responsible for removal of dumping on private property)
  • Graffiti
  • Abandoned Shopping Carts
  • Unpermitted Home-Based Businesses
  • Zoning violations
  • Construction without permits
  • Substandard housing conditions


What is NOT a violation:

  • Civil disputes between private parties
  • Evictions
  • Personal grievances
  • Vehicles parked on the street

How to Report a Violation:


Any questions regarding the Code Enforcement Division operations can be directed to Curt Michael, Code Enforcement Manager, at [email protected]