Help Prevent Flooding

The rainy season is here and our Public Works crews are clearing out storm drains and removing litter and debris in our streets. Residents can be part of the proactive patrols that stop small storm drain issues from becoming more significant flooding issues. If your house is near a storm drain or you pass by one that is clogged with leaves or other debris, please contact Public Works, and we will get right out there to clean it up.

It is also important to move vehicles off city streets on scheduled street sweeping days. Visit the following site here to obtain the sweeping schedule for your street. We appreciate your help as we have hundreds of storm drains throughout the City. Your support, time, and attention prevents flooding when the rains arrive, keep our streets clean, and preserve our waterways by removing litter and debris before they can enter our storm drains. Thank you for your support! 

Antioch - Sewer Cleaning

About the Street Maintenance 

The Street Maintenance crews are responsible for general maintenance and repair of City streets and signs; including hazardous conditions, potholes, right-of-ways and city-owned parking lots.

Crews remove illegally dumped trash and debris; respond to emergencies such as vehicle accidents and flooding; eradicate weeds along city-maintained roadways; respond to after hour calls for service; remove graffiti, install new and maintain existing roadway signs and road markings.

Click here to access the street sweeping schedule.