SeeClickFix App – Report Issues and Share Info with Community

‘Thank you’ to all our SeeClickFix Reporters! Your partnership has allowed us the opportunity to address issues and share information with the community. Your participation has been tremendous; to date we have received over two thousand requests for service. Our staff makes every effort to address all SCF reports and with your assistance we continue to refine the platform so that we can get the work done even more efficiently.

seeclickfix antioch app report issues

We recently updated the street light outage topic requesting that pole numbers be provided. This information allows us to dispatch these service requests faster, more efficiently and allows us to track service history for each pole.

When reporting all issues, please confirm that the address listed directly relates to the problem you are reporting and when possible provide photographs and cross streets. This assists staff in dispatching issues quickly to the person/division responsible for responding to the problem.

Well Done Team Antioch!
The SeeClickFix mobile app is available for download on Android GooglePlay marketplace, and for Download on the Apple App store. In addition to the mobile apps, citizens can send reports online at (HERE)