Antioch Police Department - Records Technicians

Antioch Police Department: Law Enforcement Records & Support Personnel Day

On November 14, 2023, we celebrate Law Enforcement Records & Support Personnel Day, a special occasion to honor and appreciate the exceptional team of Records Technicians at the Antioch Police Department (APD). Our dedicated Records division, composed of a skilled Supervisor, two experienced Leads, five full-time Records Technicians, and three diligent part-time Technicians, forms the backbone of our department’s record-keeping and public service functions.

We want to highlight some remarkable facts about our Records Staff at Antioch PD, offering a glimpse into the magnitude and importance of their work:

  • Handling over 1,500 phone calls monthly, they are the first point of contact for many, providing critical information and assistance.
  • Annually, they meticulously process approximately 13,000 reports, including supplemental and miscellaneous reports, ensuring accuracy and confidentiality in our Records Maintenance System.
  • Each month, they efficiently process and respond to over 400 requests from citizens and other agencies, demonstrating their commitment to transparency and community service.
  • Their role is crucial in the justice system as they responsibly forward all misdemeanor filings to the District Attorney’s office, aiding in the prosecution process.
  • The front counter of the APD is staffed by our Records Technicians Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM, offering direct support and services to the public.

We proudly recognize the dedication, expertise, and invaluable contribution of our Records Staff. Their tireless efforts not only support law enforcement activities but also enhance our community’s safety and well-being. Join us in celebrating the professionals who keep the wheels of administration turning smoothly at the Antioch Police Department.