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Public Works: Updates

National Public Works Week (NPWW) will occur May 16-22, 2021. Since 1960, NPWW has called attention to the vital contribution and importance of Public Works in community life. You may not have realized it, but the health, safety, and comfort of our community greatly depends on the quiet dedication of Public Works staff who are responsible for programs such as Water Production, Water Distribution, Sewers, Storm Water Collections (NPDES), Capital Improvement Program and Land Development Services, Traffic Engineering, Streets, Parks, Medians, and Open Space, Public Buildings, Marina, Fleet and Geographic Information Services (GIS). By working together, we can continue to positively impact the quality of life in our community, educate and energize community members on the importance of Public Works in their everyday lives, and have a betterinformed citizenry!

Hot Mix Asphalt Overlay Project


Hot Mix Asphalt Overlay Project

Hot Mix Asphalt Overlay Project

The Streets Division crew National Public Works Week completed a hot mix asphalt overlay project last week in Lemontree and Peppertree Courts. Hot Mix Asphalt is a mixture of primarily aggregate with a substance called asphalt cement. This contains asphalt and different adhesives added to bind together to improve worn-out roads. This project was completed over two days with minimal inconvenience to residents and added a high level of quality. Improvements like these will increase the quality of life and appearance of this neighborhood for many years to come!

City of Antioch Truly Cares About its Infrastructure!

The City of Antioch is currently working on a utility hole rehabilitation project throughout multiple locations within the City. Utility holes are necessary to access and maintain sewer lines, storm lines, and other underground utilities. Utility holes are most commonly constructed of two materials, bricks and mortar or precast concrete. The cleaning and rehabilitation of these utility holes are essential maintenance procedures to ensure the City’s underground infrastructure runs efficiently. If any defects are left unchecked for too long, it can compromise the City’s infrastructure and lead to sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs).

Utility hole rehabilitation - before cleaning

Utility hole rehabilitation – BEFORE cleaning

Utility hole rehabilitation - after cleaning

Utility hole rehabilitation – AFTER cleaning