Antioch Police Department - coffee with the cops

1st Coffee with the Cops in 2018

The mission of the Antioch Police Department, in partnership with our community, is to promote the quality of life in Antioch by proactively reducing crime with integrity and commitment to excellence.

“Coffee with the Cops” is an effort to improve communication between the Police Department and the citizens they serve. With some changes from previous “Coffee with the Cops” engagements, the new format includes information about what goes on behind the scenes at the Antioch Police Department and then allotting time for citizens to have one-on-one engagement with officers.

One of Chief Brooks’ goals is to enhance the level of communication between the Antioch Police Department and the community. So community engagement is a priority for him.

Message from Chief of Police, Tammany Brooks:

It is my firm belief that the best way to improve the quality of life and make Antioch a safe and thriving community for all is through a collaborative partnership with the citizens who live, work, and play in this great city.

While I am extremely proud and confident in the abilities of all the members of this department, I realize that in order to truly bring about positive, long-term results, the police department cannot do it alone.  As President John F. Kennedy said, “The level of crime in a city is in direct proportion to the will of its citizens and law enforcement officers who tolerate it.”  We need your help.


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The City of Antioch wants to do a better job protecting, maintaining and enhancing our quality of life. With the community’s help, we can reach our potential as a safe, clean, beautiful place to live.

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