Interim City Manager


First, I would like to thank and express my deepest appreciation to the mayor and the entire City Council for providing me with the opportunity to serve as the City of Antioch Interim City Manager. Additionally, we all owe former City Manager Ron Bernal a debt of gratitude for his impeccable years of uninterrupted and dedicated service to our great city. Mr. Bernal is leaving us with a fiscally sound city, vitalization to our downtown waterfront, and one of the largest desalination water projects ever witnessed in Contra Costa County, which will allow us to marshal in a robust new year of both great optimism and promise.

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” It is this urgent sense of service that is the foundation of both my purpose and motivation for serving the residents of Antioch. I am blessed and fortunate to join a great team of department directors, division managers, and a wonderful group of team members. It is our committed city employees that are unsung heroes that continue to provide our residents with great service that is second to none. As your interim City Manager and under the progressive leadership of both our mayor, city council, and in partnership with our leadership team, we will continue to build a better city and future for our youth.

With a shared vision, an optimistic attitude, collective love for our city, empathy for our fellow citizens, we as a team will ensure that every resident is valued, every business will continue to thrive, and every employee will be appreciated because Antioch is a cradle of hope, where public service is our commitment and Opportunity Lives Here, and so do we the people of Antioch.

As we enter into a bright and promising new year, let us remember that there is no greater service than the service to others. We all have a responsibility to keep our city streets clean, have compassion for the unhoused residents, work in partnership with our men and women who courageously serve and protect our citizens and join hands with our elected officials who and lending a helping hand to miraculously shape the future of all residents of our great city. Together, we will rise like the mighty tides of the San Joaquin River and become a shining beacon of hope.