Public Works September Updates

September Updates from Antioch Public Works

Public Works is in the field working hard to maintain our infrastructure and make improvements to our City.  Please stay alert while driving in the following work zones and for everyone’s safety, take the time to slow down when driving in a cone zone! 

Antioch Public Works - Vac Con Vacuuming Storm Drain

Antioch Public Works- Vac Con Vacuuming Storm Drain 1

Operations and Utilities:  Our Collections (Sewer)  Vac-Con trucks offer many useful options when it comes to cleaning and repairing the City’s infrastructure. When cleaning we use over 1,000 feet of hose with 3000psi to remove roots, grease and debris from our sewer pipe. While using its vacuum system we have the ability to remove large amounts of debris up to 30-feet deep without damaging the pipes. The Vac-Con is equipped with a 16-yard tank that can hold 3,200 gallons of water/debris. Crews utilize these trucks to their fullest capabilities every day. This is just one of the vehicles in our fleet that helps make a clean and beautiful Antioch. We are currently performing essential maintenance with this equipment north of Highway 4 east of Cavallo Road. 


Please remember to call Public Works first if you have a sewer issue, we are here to help you.  Call 925-799-6950, 0 Monday through Friday 7am – 4pm, except holidays.  Call 925-778-2441 after normal hours, weekends and holidays and our Standby crew will be dispatch to you. Pictures


Median Improvements:  Public Works Landscape crews continue the City’s beautification projects improving the aesthetics in our medians with new plantings and stamped concrete. Currently in progress is a large stretch of median on W. 10th Street from L Street to Auto Center Drive.  Crews removed some pine trees that had outgrown their location and were causing a mess with dropping needles.  PW crews restored the irrigation, installed new flowering, drought tolerant, hardy perennials, hardy mulch and next up they will begin working on installing stamped concrete.  Although not complete the improvements are a welcome addition to nearby residents and motorists on this heavily traveled stretch of road.  Pictures

Antioch Public Works - Median After 1  - W 10th - L St to Auto Center Antioch Public Works - Median After 1  - W 10th - L St to Auto Center

Antioch Public Works - Median After 1  - W 10th - L St to Auto Center

Capital Improvements:  Installation of the new water main has been completed on W. Tregallas Road and the contractor has moved on to Shaddick Drive and the adjacent residential streets. Residents should expect some small traffic delays in this area for the next few weeks while the contractor is installing the new main and services.  Pictures