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Playgrounds provide a multisensory experience and having them closed during the pandemic made it
more challenging for youth to be active, meet other children, and spend heartwarming time with parents
and family. The State of California has issued guidance and direction on the usage of outdoor
playgrounds and outdoor recreational facilities to support a safe environment for children and families. After reviewing the State guidelines, the City of Antioch is pleased to announce that staff is proceeding
with the re-opening of playgrounds in all neighborhood and community parks. The Public Works and
Recreation Departments will begin removing “closed” signage currently found at playgrounds, installing
the swings that were removed for health and safety, and re-activating the regular cleaning and
maintenance schedule for playgrounds.

“Play teaches social skills: sharing, cooperating and collaborating as part of a group,” says Nancy Kaiser,
Parks and Recreation Director. Antioch’s parks and play areas, along with inclusive playgrounds, provide
a place for all children to have an enjoyable experience within the community. “We welcome back all our
parents and know that they will take the lead to ensure that kids learn and grow while playing in our

Antioch park signage directing park usage has been up since July and the State has issued seven simple
steps to keep playgrounds safe, open, and fun. Playground and park visitors should follow these

  • Wear a mask; everyone 2 years and older should wear a face covering
  • Maintain social distancing – at least 6 feet – from different households; prevent crowding of childrenDo not eat or drink in the playground area; do not share food when visiting a parkWash or sanitize your hands before and after use
  • Plan and visit playgrounds at different times or days to avoid crowds
  • Stay home if you feel sick
  • Share space; limit visits to 30 minutes when other families are present 

Parks Reopening - Safety

Park visitors are also reminded to put litter in its place. Use garbage cans and help park workers keep all green spaces clean and attractive for everyone’s enjoyment. Caregivers and adults that supervise children must always actively supervise each child to make sure that face coverings remain in place and social distancing is followed.  

Residents are encouraged to stay connected with the City of Antioch by following the daily announcements posted on the website For more information about park use and the activities allowed at this time please call the Recreation Department at 925-776-3050.