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Collections System/NPDES

Collections System Unit/Closed Circuit Television Crew

Collections System (Sewer) Inspection personnel completes approximately 25% of sewer mainline video inspections of our sewer system each year. The Collections System Division’s Close Circuit Television Unit, or CCTV crew as we call it, is comprised of two highly trained staff members. The crew uses a small tractor-mounted camera to identify, locate and assess the condition of the City’s sewer and storm infrastructure. CCTV condition assessment provides the critical information needed to evaluate the service life, physical condition, and functionality of our 310 miles of wastewater and 282 miles of stormwater Collections System.

During field inspections, pipe defects are classified using a standard coding system, and the pipe condition is assessed using a systematic method to produce consistent, useful information. The data collected is reviewed by the Collections System’s management team. Following the review, the data is used to assist in the scheduling of preventative and routine maintenance, make decisions about pipe rehabilitation or pipe replacement, and estimate a pipe’s remaining useful life & long-term performance capabilities. Completing these inspections and proactively conducting maintenance plays a vital role in protecting our Collections System, the environment and the health and safety of the members of our community

Water Distribution Division

The Water Distribution Division of Public Works is responsible for maintaining the City’s treated and raw water distribution systems in safe and serviceable condition. The system delivers treated water to residential, commercial and irrigation customers. In this Weekly Update edition, eight (8) Water Distribution Operators from three (3) different crews worked together to replace four-4″ meters and two-10″ backflow devices at Lakeshore Apartments.

A great deal of planning, effort, and teamwork went into this massive project to ensure that it was completed in a safe and timely manner. The meters and backflow devices were aging and in need of replacement. This is an especially important undertaking because backflow devices prevent the pollution of drinking water.

What is Backflow? Backflow is unwanted, reversed flow of used or dirty water into the clean water lines, which can contaminate drinking water and pollute the public water supply. Backflows occur at a point in the system called a cross-connection. Crossconnection is the point where it is possible for the dirty or used water, to come into contact with the pure, drinking (potable) water. It is caused by shifts in the system’s pressure and can be prevented by installing a backflow prevention device at the cross connection point. Backflow devices are needed only to allow water to flow in one direction from the municipal water supply and into private water lines and keep our public water supply clean and uncontaminated.

Our crews are on the job making sure that we receive clean, safe and pleasant drinking water!

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Parks & Landscaping Division

In spite of the nippy weather, summer is almost here! This means that we are laser-focused on continuing our efforts to spruce up or replace our park amenities and equipment. Featured in this Weekly Update is our lovely Meadowbrook Park, located at Yellowstone Drive and Calaveras Circle. Meadowbrook Park has nice amenities for you to enjoy with your family and friends, i.e., barbecue pits, basketball court(s), picnic tables, a volleyball and youth play area.

And now, you also have newer benches installed to comfortably set up all your picnic goodies or simply sit and enjoy your surroundings. Each week, a new park may be featured. So, if you believe that the local park in your area is in need of maintenance or repair, we want to hear from you!

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