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Antioch Animal Services Appreciates All Support

It takes a village to accomplish great things, and Antioch Animal Services is grateful for all of the rescue organizations that support our efforts in animal welfare. When a stray animal comes into our shelter, AAS never knows what to expect. When Esther Bunny showed her cute face, we were not anticipating medical issues like a hernia or mammary tumors. Thankfully Dr. Josie Noah and her team from the ARF Mobile Clinic saw her potential and stepped in. Dr. Noah performed the surgeries on this sweetie and took her home for recovery to ensure she is healthy and ready for her new start!!! The village does not end there! Thank you also to Umbrella of Hope for accepting Esther Bunny into their Rescue Program.

Antioch Animal Services

Want to help the scared, the orphaned, the sick, the injured? Animals arrive at our shelter and more across the country and the world every day. You can make a difference in their lives; donations, volunteering your time, fostering for the shelter or a local rescue and of course, by choosing to adopt. Be that somebody, make a difference. Our animals are beyond grateful for the continued support of our amazing community. Spread the word, become a part of our village effort. Love is at the corner of 2nd & L.

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