Antioch Police Department Explorers

The Antioch Police Explorers Issue 97 Crime Prevention “Warning” Citations

In the afternoon of October 17, 2017, four Antioch Police Explorers walked the parking lots of In-Shape Gym, City Sports Gym, Starbucks at Slatten Ranch, and Chili’s on Lone Tree Way to write crime prevention “warning” citations. The Explorers were looking for vehicles with unlocked doors, open windows, and valuables in plain sight. Several vehicles had multiple “violations” that were noted on the citations. Our crime prevention “tickets” are issued to raise the awareness of our citizens and visitors, encouraging them to be proactive in reducing their risk of becoming victims of theft. The response from citizens and business employees was overwhelmingly positive.

The Explorers issued a total of 97 crime prevention warning “citations” for the following violations:

  • 15-Open car windows
  • 16-Unlocked car doors
  • 11-Valuables left in plain view (cell phones, tablets, etc.)
  • 63-Some sort of bag (shopping, gym, back pack, or similar) in plain view.
  • 2-keys left in the ignition 1-prescription drugs in plain view 1-purse in plain view

*Note-(the above “violations” total more than the 97 citations issued and represents vehicles with multiple category violations.)

For more information about the Explorers Program, visit their webpage:

Antioch Police Department Explorers Antioch Police Department Explorers Antioch Police Department Explorers