Antioch Rivertown

Explore Antioch’s Historic Rivertown District

The temperatures have finally lowered to a point where spending an afternoon wandering
around window shopping and stopping into small little eateries for treats is enjoyable.  Even
better, the historic Rivertown district in Antioch will show small traces of fall colors that reflect off
of the beautiful Delta waters. If you are looking for a way to escape the doldrums of life without
having to travel far, visit Historic Rivertown in Antioch. 

Quaint Shops in Rivertown 

One fun aspect of spending an afternoon in Rivertown is being able to check out the cute little
shops that have popped up over time.  For example, popping into one of the quaint antique
shops will invigorate your imagination and bring back memories of your childhood and maybe
even visiting your grandparent’s homes.  Other shops include a fun fish shop for those of you
looking for unique pets, and dress shops that offer a peek into the past, but also offer fashion-
forward and playful garments. You can also find a music store and different home decor shops
with a unique and playful gift and decoration items. 

Antioch Rivertown

Fun Eateries For Quick Bites and Sweet Treats 

Another great reason to visit the Historic Rivertown District in Antioch is to go out to eat.  There
have been several new shops that have opened over the last few months that offer
not only delicious meals but sweet treats to take home to share for dessert later.  For many
years, the options for eating in Rivertown were quite limited. However, a quick walk downtown
today will introduce you to soul food, historic favorites, a Mexican taco shop, and a new bakery
will with at least a dozen dessert options.  If you venture a bit farther off the path to the marina,
you can enjoy exceptional views and delicious seafood plates at one of Antioch’s newer

sweet treats - Antioch 2

Downtown Antioch Restaurants

Entertainment Options In Rivertown 

There are also many different ways to keep busy after you are done snacking and window-
shopping downtown.  First, there is a historic theatre that brings a huge diversity of
performances and performers to town. From musical acts, children’s theater and mystery
performances, there is something for everyone.  

El Campanil
There are also seasonal events in Rivertown. Halloween means different community Trick-or-
Treat events, while the summer months bring events that recognize and honor Antioch’s
veterans.  The winter invites evening strolls with holiday lights adorning trees and street lamps.

Antioch Rivertown - Parade
Swing By the Antioch Marina

The Antioch Marina also has an incredible variety of entertainment options, that is as just as fun
in the fall as they are in the summer months.  First, you can begin your day with brunch at a
waterfront restaurant. From there, you can explore the marina in a kayak, take a quiet hike
through the Dow Wetlands, cruise through the Delta on a boat, or just spend a peaceful
afternoon fishing off of the pier.    

Antioch Marina


Antioch Marina

Rivertown District Continues to Evolve

The historic Rivertown District in Antioch has seen decades of change, growth, and evolution. 
Today, Rivertown is slowly seeing a reblossoming with new businesses and restaurants coming
together.  This means it is an ideal time to head downtown