Community Development: Above and Beyond

The staff of the Community Development Department works hard each and every day to deliver top-notch customer service. This week, we heard about an exceptional act from one of our team members and wish to pass the story on and recognize her here.

Late in the afternoon of Wednesday, September 18, a project manager traveling from outside California met with staff from the Building Inspection Services Division of the Community Development Department to discuss an upcoming project. On his way out, he inadvertently left his laptop computer, mobile phone, and wallet in the conference room. Staff quickly noticed this, but the project manager was already gone and on his way back to Oakland, where he was scheduled to fly out that evening.

When he finally realized that he had left his belongings, he contacted Meghan Suba, Development Services Technician, in a panic. There was not enough time for him to return to Antioch to pick up his belongings and make his flight, and City Hall was closing in five minutes. Also, he could not board without his identification, which was in the wallet. Without prompting, Meghan offered to take the belongings and meet him on her way home in Walnut Creek – about halfway to Oakland. He accepted this offer and, needless to say, was thrilled. Meghan’s quick thinking and generous approach allowed him to collect his belongings and make his light. This type of action is the epitome of public service – putting the needs of the public that we serve above our own needs. Thank you, Meghan, for standing out and stepping up and allowing others to see the best of the City of Antioch.