Cold Weather Increases Water Main and Service Breaks

Cold Weather Increases Water Main and Service Breaks

Physics and winter don’t mix. At least when it comes to water lines, which suffer frequent breaks as the cold, saturated ground weighs on underground pipes.  From November through February, Antioch’s Water Distribution division repairs the water main, and the water service line breaks much faster than in warmer months. The colder it is, the more pipes burst.

With all this movement, our pipes and the expansion of the cold water in our pipes cause more leaks. The staff prepares for the winter months by increasing our inventory of pipes and equipment necessary to make emergency repairs. We also watch areas that have been problematic in the past winters. Here are some simple steps to prepare your home for the cold months:

  • Shut off water systems not used during the winter, such as irrigation systems.
  • Insulate all exposed exterior pipes with insulated foam wrap.
  • Insulate pipes in your home’s crawl spaces, attic, and garage.
  • Disconnect garden hoses.

Please contact Public Works at (925) 779-6950 immediately if you see excessive water in the street, running down the curb, or shooting in the air.  We are dedicated to restoring our customers’ water service quickly and safely.