Antioch Fall-O-Ween event

4th Annual Fall-o-ween

The City of Antioch recently hosted its 4th Annual Fall-O-Ween event, a family-friendly festival that combines the excitement of Halloween with the beauty of the fall season. This year’s event included various activities that appealed to a wide range of ages, making it a hit with the community.

A unique aspect of the event was the pumpkin patch, which was set up both on land and in the pool, providing a novel twist to the traditional pumpkin picking. The festival also featured a maze and inflatable jumpers, adding an extra element of excitement for younger attendees. These jumpers were a popular spot, with children enjoying the thrill of bouncing around in a safe and fun environment—additionally, each attendee left with a pumpkin.

This annual Fall-O-Ween event in Antioch continues to be a highly anticipated occasion, combining the joy of fall with the thrill of Halloween in a way that brings the community together. For more information on family-friendly events in Antioch, visit