Antioch Art on the Box

ART on the BOX

Erin Grimes, a gracious, talented student artist from Antioch High School Class of 2018, added some pizazz to the utility box at 18th and G Street.

Antioch High School Staff and students are loving it, and drivers passing by honked in approval as Erin worked away (in this heat no less.) Erin made completing this public art project her personal goal and priority before heading off to begin her college career at San Jose State University.

We are sending a BIG ‘THANK YOU’ to Erin for lending her hard work, perseverance, and talents and to Trine Gallegos for coordinating with Public Works and encouraging skilled student artists to find ways to volunteer and contribute to their community.


Utility box art by Erin Grimes

Antioch artist Erin Grimes


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