Antioch Police Physical Agility

Antioch Police Department Careers

Interested in a Career in Law Enforcement?

The Antioch Police Department is always looking to recruit new officers.  Currently available positions are:

  • Police Officer Lateral (continuous)
  • Police Academy Graduate/Student (continuous)
  • Police Trainee (continuous)

A new Antioch Police Department Careers Facebook Page has been created to assist interested parties in understanding the recruitment process and the recruitment timeline. If you or someone you know has an interest in a career in enforcement, follow Antioch Police Department Careers page.


Here are the Physical Agility Instruction and Preparation video. It includes the different components of the testing process:

  • Agility – Must be completed within 2 mins or less
    • 50 Foot Dummy Drag
    • 6 Foot Wall Climb
    • 12 Foot Balance Beam
  • Strength 
    • 17 push-ups required
    • 25 push-ups in under 1 min
  • Running – Must be completed in 2 mins and 10 seconds
    • 500 yard run


Lieutenant Tarra Mendez provides you with some information on how to get started in Law Enforcement


How do I get into a Police Academy?

  1. To be self sponsored
    • Find an academy of your choice,
    • Apply on your own,
    • If accepted you pay all related fees and provide your own equipment while attending the academy
    • Make connections with a law enforcement agency of your choice
  2. (Recommended) Apply with an Agency like the Antioch Police Department
    • You will apply as an entry level officer
    • Go through pre-employment screening
    • Once pre-employment screening is completed, Antioch Police Department will pay for Academy fees and equipment
    • While in the academy, you will receive an hourly wage with full benefits

For questions regarding the Antioch Police Academy, please contact Sergeant Rick Martin at [email protected]