Antioch Code Enforcement: Commercial Trucks

Many people may not be aware that it is illegal to park a commercial vehicle over one ton in size on a residential property or in a residential neighborhood. Antioch Municipal Code Section 4-5.1223 states, “No person shall park any motor vehicle used for commercial, industrial, or agricultural purposes and rated more than one-ton capacity, and no trailer used for the same, in any residential district.” The only exception to this rule is for vehicles that are actively loading, unloading, or rendering services such as a moving van being unloaded or a UPS delivery truck and agricultural vehicles on active farms with 5 or more acres. This prohibition applies both to private residential property and to public streets in residential zones. In either case, the owner of the property or vehicle is subject to citations by the Code Enforcement Division or Antioch Police Department.

If you have questions about this ordinance or would like to file a complaint, please contact the Code Enforcement Division through its website here.

Antioch Commercial Trucks

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