Antioch Antioch Services: The Story of Delores and Williamina

The story of Delores and Williamina When these two little matted dogs arrived in our lobby last week, our hearts ached for them. We don’t know their story, or how long it took for them to end up in such bad shape. We cannot stress enough to those who adopt or own, “fluffy dogs” how important it is for them to budget for regular grooming. The bottom line – matts hurt! Mats pull on, and pinch the skin, causing pain and irritation, and the matted fur can pick up all sorts of other objects that have the potential to become embedded in the animal’s skin. Ouch!

We want to say a huge “Thank you!” to Lyddia at My Passion, Grooming, and Photography for stepping up and offering her services to help these little munchkins feel better. These two are so much more comfortable in their own skin now, and we discovered, under all those mats, that Delores is a miniature Schnauzer mix! The new and improved Willamina (Poodle mix ~ 6 years old, A130699) and Delores (Miniature Schnauzer mix ~12 years old, A130700) are both available now for adoption at Antioch Animal Services.

Antioch Animal Services is located at:

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March Adoption Special

All Adoption Fees Sponsored

Antioch Friends of Animal Services is sponsoring the adoption fees for any animal adopted from Antioch Animal Services during the entire month of March. The sponsored fee includes spay/neuter, microchip, deworming and age appropriate shots.
You do NOT have to be an Antioch resident to adopt from our shelter; however, if you are, you must pay $20 for a dog license at the time of adoption.
Please view our available pets for adoption or rescue in person or on-line at: antioch.petfinder.com


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