Simple Request Turns into Valuable Resources for Students at Antioch High School

It started as a simple request and now is a valuable resource for many students at Antioch High.
During their PE classes, teachers Lisa Cuza and Shannon Emerson had many young women asking for items like toothpaste, deodorant, feminine hygiene products, and the like.
Lady Panther Pantry
Last fall they started a little area in the girls’ locker room dubbed Lady Panther Pantry, which they stocked with basic toiletries like the items above along with hair ties, shampoo, chap sticks, hand sanitizer, razors and toothbrushes. They initially received donations through various organizations, including the Bethel Island Woman’s Club. “They have been very generous,” said Shannon.
The supply area was set up with the honor system.
Said Shannon: “I can’t express how impressed we are with the level of respect the ladies show our little pantry. It hasn’t been misused in any way.”
However, with half the school year down, so were supplies. Word spread about the need and within two weeks, the Antioch High School coordinator’s office overflowed with donations from staff and community, including Peggy Daniel, Dr. Bob Deloso, Alice Harden, Cindy Justice, and Dr. Matthew Liautaud. Additionally, many alums stepped up like sisters Janet Aceves, Ann Bergerhouse, and Kay Carden, who asked their neighbors to join their drive and ended up with $1,000 in products and gift cards. Total donations added up to about $2,000.
“They are some amazing folks everywhere who care about our kids,” said Shannon. “We are so very appreciative and full of gratitude for others sharing in our goal of making sure all ladies at AHS have all they need. One less stress for these young people can make a big difference.”
If you are interested in helping please email Trine Gallegos at [email protected]