Manufacturing the dream


The City of Antioch is delighted to launch a multi-city promotional campaign that we’re participating in as part of the Bay Area Urban Manufacturing Initiative. Together with over two dozen other cities, we are highlighting stories of residents who work in manufacturing, the companies they work for, and how they’ve thrived in our region. We invite you to learn how Terry Ramus of Diablo Analytical, based in Antioch is #ManufacturingTheDream. Learn how scientist Terry Ramus departed the corporate world to start his own #manufacturing firm, Antioch-based Diablo Analytical, and never looked back: http://bayareamfg.org/mfg-day/ #ManufacturingTheDream #BayAreaMFG

Chemist Itsuko Iwai plays a critical role at Antioch-based manufacturer Diablo Analytical. Learn how she and the team operate with the energy of a startup while serving clients from the military to museums: http://bayareamfg.org/mfg-day/ #BayAreaMFG #ManufacturingTheDream

Please join us in celebrating Terry Ramus and companies such as Diablo Analytical for the great products they’re making every day in the Bay Area! Learn more here: http://bayareamfg.org/mfg-day/

Manufacturing the dream Antioch Ca


What is Manufacturing the Dream?

  1. i. Companies throughout the Bay Area are helping to #ManufactureTheDream and provide a powerful pathway to good, middle-class jobs for people across the economic spectrum. We’ve captured the unique stories, hopes and aspirations of 25 workers from different manufacturers throughout the region.
  1. Manufacturing Day is a great opportunity to celebrate our vibrant local manufacturers. It’s the one day a year to experience a behind-the-scenes look into the sophisticated products built here and to learn about the good jobs available in manufacturing.
  2. With the Bay Area employing more than 340,000 manufacturing workers, representing 10% of the local workforce, our region is home to a robust, connected and inclusive manufacturing ecosystem.
  3. The Bay Area’s manufacturing sector is alive and thriving, home to 7,500 companies bringing innovation to cities and economic opportunities for people from a variety of backgrounds with a diverse mix of skills.
  4. Through this Initiative, over two dozen cities and one county from the Bay Area are working together to build a powerful, interconnected regional manufacturing base that supports residents across the economic spectrum.
  5. Bay Area manufacturers make a wide variety of products, including food and beverages; computers, electronics and semiconductors; and medical devices.