Antioch Water Treatment

Antioch Awarded $10,000,000 State Water Quality Grant


The City of Antioch has announced its award as only one of three California cities/water agencies to receive ten million dollars in grant funding to establish a ground-breaking, first-of-its-kind local desalination water treatment facility, allowing the City to generate its own clean, safe, quality water. Many prominent cities and water agencies including Santa Barbara and Carlsbad competed for the highly-sought after grants to fund drinking water production and other uses.

“Antioch is leading statewide innovation on these clean water quality and local water control issues,” said City Manager Ron Bernal. “With so many high-profile cities and water agencies competing for these grant awards, I couldn’t be more pleased that our City’s innovation, creativity and leadership was recognized by the awards panel—making our City successful in securing Antioch’s fair share of these state funds.”

Said Antioch Mayor Sean Wright, “Creating millions of gallons of clean, reliable, quality water allows our community to protect our city residents and businesses from fluctuating water costs and water shortages in the long-term.”

The highly competitive Prop 1 state grant will help establish a local water desalination facility within the city’s current water treatment plant, with the ability to turn salty river water into 6,000,000 gallons per day of clean drinking water, using a safe, secure treatment system and positioning the City as a local and regional clean water provider and statewide innovator.

“Establishing Antioch’s own local water plan allows our City to treat and store our own water locally, expanding our ability to be self-reliant; keep water costs down; and attract industries that need a reliable local water supply,” continued Mayor Wright. Said City Manager Bernal, “This is a tremendous economic development engine which allows Antioch to competitively attract and retain all manner of businesses and industries who need a reliable local water supply. Antioch is one of the few communities in the State able to offer this benefit to our residents and business stakeholders.”

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