Tri Delta Transit - Tri My Ride

Tri-Delta Transit Launches Tri My Ride Program for BART Riders

Eastern Contra Costa County Transit Authority (Tri Delta Transit) is excited to announce the launch of Tri MyRide, a flexible and dynamic on-demand shuttle service operating in neighborhoods near the Antioch BART Station and Pittsburg Bay Point BART Station. This 6 month pilot program shuttle service begins operation, Monday June 17. Tri MyRide operates Monday thru Friday from 5am to 8pm.

Tri MyRide uses a smartphone app for riders to schedule customized curb-to-curb trips. Tri MyRide allows riders to plan their customized trips anywhere in the Hillcrest/Antioch BART service area or San Marco/Pittsburg Bay Point BART service area to BART or to a designated point of interest located in the service area. The app, known as Microtransit by TransLoc, is connected to proprietary software that allows bus operators to pick-up and drop-off passengers in an efficient manner.

Tri My Ride - Antioch Service Areas

The service uses small, neighborhood-friendly shuttle buses that easily maneuver on residential streets. Tri MyRide operators undergo the same background screening as other Tri Delta Transit operators, and all vehicles are equipped with surveillance cameras to ensure safe transport. The shuttle buses are wheelchair accessible and accommodate people with disabilities.


The cost to ride is only $2 per trip. Payment may be made through the Microtransit app or with cash. The low-cost makes Tri Delta Transit’s Tri MyRide more affordable than traditional ride-hailing services, which could cost riders at least more than three times the amount for a similar trip.

“By partnering with technology companies, Tri Delta Transit is meeting the evolving needs of passengers in our community. Tri MyRide allows our agency to provide on-demand service from the convenience of a smart phone app.†said Chief Executive Officer Jeanne Krieg.

How it Works

  1. Download the Microtransit app & create a free account
  2. Begin or end from one of our points of interest to anywhere in the service area. 
  3. Confirm your trip, board, pay and ride! 

Get the Microtransit app

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  • Provides passengers with an estimated pick-up time
  • Tracks their bus in real-time
  • Alerts when their ride is about to arrive
  • Alerts when their ride is about to reach their destination