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Trash Talk Tuesday with Antioch Environmental Resources

Sorry, we have been so quiet over the last month. With everything that has been going on, we thought it was better to not keep cluttering your streams with trash talk. But we missed it, so Trash Talk Tuesdays are back. This edition brings you options for donations of usable items.

At the beginning of COVID-19, many of us found ourselves unexpectedly home for quite some time. Cleaning and organizing our personal spaces became a popular pastime. Soon we discovered that we had an accumulation of stuff that could still be used and thought to ourselves, “What are we to do with it?” For a while, all the thrift stores that we normally donated to were closed. Well, the good news is that many of our favorite donation stations are now open and busy as bees stocking up their shelves.

Here is our list of Local Thrift Shops and Donation Stations that are now open for business (though, please call first as things change daily):


City Name Location Phone # Hours Donation Information
Antioch Rivertown Veterans’ Thrift Store 522 W 2nd St 925-206-4976 Daily 11-3:30 Donation accepted after July 10th;
call first to confirm
  Donation Drop Box Somersville Town Center     Open Everyday/All Day
(Bins next to Starbucks)
  Donation Drop Box Fairview Dr     Open Everyday/All Day
(Bins in front of Oriental Buffet Restaurant)
Pittsburg Goodwill Thrift Store 396 Atlantic Ave 925-432-4776 Everyday 10-6 Donations accepted 10AM until they’re full
  St Vincent De Paul 2210 Gladstone Dr 924-439-5060 Mon-Sat 9-4:30 Donations accepted 9-4
Brentwood St Vincent De Paul 8890 Brentwood Blvd 925-635-3214 Every day 10-5:30 Donations accepted 10-5
  Goodwill Thrift Store 6271 Lonetree Way 925-516-6412 Everyday 10-6 Donations accepted 10-6
  Shepard’s gate 605 Sycamore Ave 925-308-7507 The Brentwood store is currently closed Donations accepted 9am-12pm the 1st
Saturday of each month
Oakley Goodwill Thrift Store 2043 Main St 925-679-2824 Everyday 10-6 Donations accepted 10-6
  San Miguel Thrift Store 3573 Main St 916-670-4920 Mon-Sat 9-5 Donations accepted 9-5