Public Works Making Street Improvements

Public Works Street Maintenance Crew has made good progress repainting faded red curbs in our arterial and collector roads throughout the City this season. We have completed well over 50% of the work and will keep after it as long as the weather cooperates with us. Red curbs in our residential areas are next on the service list.

The first phase of this project is the hardest part as crews scrape and clean the curbs to ensure that the new paint will last as long as possible. The second and final phase is the application of the new paint using with a painting striper, and crews ensure safety for all with a shadow truck following behind the striper. We use top quality paint that allows us to get at least 4+ years out of every round of red curb painting.
Striper Operator Greg T. is keeping it steady as he puts down red curb paint on Prewett Ranch Road. Closely in tow is veteran Street Crew member Dennis P. ensuring quality work and the overall safety of the moving operation.

The City paints red curbs strictly for regulatory reasons in public ‘No Parking’ zones. Despite popular belief, we do not paint around fire hydrants because vehicle code already states that it is unlawful to park in front of a hydrant. The freshly painted curbs add an aesthetic appeal to our community but unfortunately we do not come out and repaint isolated fading or red curbs with tire marks.

If you believe an additional red curb is needed in your area, your request will be evaluated and approved by the Assistant City Engineer (Lynne Filson) before it can be installed by Public Works’ Street Crew.

Antioch Public Works Painting Curbs Antioch Public Works Painting Curbs



Top Tier Street Crew Team Members Ernie L. and Chris L. replacing faded street name signs…Legible reflective street name signs are very important when any emergency service is needed. In addition to changing out the street name signs the crew also removes any tree branches or vegetation that may be blocking the view of the signs. Well Done Guys!

Antioch Public Works replacing old street signs antioch public works team fixing street sign



More Asphalt Paving…That’s just what Veteran Street Crew Leadworker Jimmy Powell said and the Crew got after it! Good work by the hard working Paving Crew on Potomac Ct. and Fulton Shipyard Rd. Both sections of road needed some work before winter hits. Well done Street Crew!

Antioch Public Works pave 3 Antioch Public Works pave Antioch Public Works


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