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Public Works: Duane “The Legend” Anderson will Retire

Duane “The Legend” Anderson will Retire

After 33+ years, Duane “The Legend” Anderson will be retiring from City of Antioch. Duane is the City’s Water Treatment Plant Superintendent responsible for making sure our drinking water is safe to drink and meets or exceeds all Federal and State standards.

Duane has always been known as a man of action and a person who enjoys completing projects. Some of Duane’s recent efforts has been to rebuild the headwall and outflow at the City’s reservoir to ensure that excess water can drain properly without any problems to the surrounding area. His recommendations were instrumental in the recent improvements to Waldie Plaza. His most notable accomplishment in the last year has been the advances he has made to our water quality process. The improved process is safer for the employees, the environment and state-of-the-art for water treatment industry.

Duane spent the first part of his working life dedicated to our military. While serving in the U.S. Air Force for 8 ½ years, he treated drinking water, waste water, maintained lift stations and even took care of swimming pools. In 1984 fresh out of the military and 6 pending job offers, Duane chose the City of Antioch to come work as a Water Treatment Plant Operator. He worked his way up through the ranks of Supervisor and in 2009 became the Water Treatment Plant Superintendent where he has performed admirably. Duane’s strong positive attitude and work ethic has inspired a culture of team work and dedication at the City’s Water Treatment Plant.

Duane’s incredible career is something that we can all appreciate but the secret sauce that has made him the special person that he is known for is that he truly cares. No matter what the issue or problem, he has always been there willing to help. Duane is not the ‘give me a call if you need something’ type but he is the kind of person who will stick with you through the tough stuff until the job is complete…we are all going to miss that.

The leadership of the Water Treatment Plant will be turned over to Tim Coley (Acting Water Treatment Plant Superintendent) at the end of the month. Tim has a great deal of experience and will do an excellent job of carrying on where Duane left off.

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