Antioch City Code for Chickens Ducks

Owning Chickens within Antioch City Limits

We are often asked if it is okay to keep backyard chickens. The short answer is, yes! The long answer is, Antioch Municipal Code requires that you obtain a permit to own fowl (chickens or ducks), in certain circumstances. A permit is required if you want to own more than ten fowl within the City limits, or if you’re going to own a rooster. The keeping of chickens and ducks in our City requires you to follow all pertinent City Codes, and the fowl cannot be located within 20 feet of any dwelling. The area where the fowl are housed must also be kept clean and must provide adequate room for the animal(s) being housed.

Chickens, ducks, roosters, etc., are not allowed to be “at large” at any time, nor to be off their owner’s property. Also, when applying for a permit to own a rooster, or to keep more than ten fowl, the permitting process requires approval from your neighbors’, and an inspection of the area where the fowl will be kept.


For additional information about our feathered friends, or if you have further questions relating to the keeping of fowl in your neighborhood, please contact Animal Control Officer Cottle at ccottle@ci.antioch.ca.us

Antioch City Code for Chickens Ducks


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