New Construction Booming in Antioch

New construction is booming in several locations around Antioch and more is on the way. After enduring the most significant economic downturn since the Great Depression almost ten years ago, Antioch has seen a steady increase in property and sales tax revenue, two primary sources of general use funds for the City. The area we’ve seen the slowest indication of recovery is in new construction. This is rapidly changing with new residential developments by Century Communities, and DeNova Homes. Both are constructing subdivision improvements at the south end of Heidorn Ranch Road and Hillcrest Avenue for over 850 new housing units with over 200 being slated for Antioch’s first gated active adult community.

DeNova homes has also begun grading the Wildflower Station (corner of Hillcrest and Wildflower) where they will be constructing 90,000 sq ft of commercial space, 98 condominiums, and 22 single family homes. The Grupe Company is constructing 58 market rate apartment units at their Almond Knolls project on Worrel Road at Lone Tree Way. There are also several projects in Planning slated to improve the area near East 18th Street and Drive In Way (across from Kmart) and a couple of new ARCO AM/PM’s; one located at West 10th Street and Auto Center Drive and the other at the corner of Hillcrest Avenue and Wildflower Drive. Please see the Community Development portion of this report for more details or the City website at

Antioch Construction

As you drive around the City of Antioch, you may have noticed a lot of new construction activity. New investments and innovative infill projects are happening throughout Antioch. The following list describes a few of these projects that are underway:

  • ARCO AM/PM – Hillcrest/Wildflower: Construction of a new ARCO gas station with an AM/PM convenience store and car wash.
  • Wildflower Station – Hillcrest/Wildflower: A large mixed-use project with 10.45 acres of commercial development, 98 residential condominiums, and 22 single-family homes.
  • Heidorn Village – Heidorn Ranch Rd./Prewett Ranch Dr. 117 new single-family homes.
  • Promenade – Vineyards at Sand Creek – Heidorn Ranch Rd/Sand Creek Rd.: 337 new single-family homes in Phase 1 of a private master-planned community.
  • Almond Knolls – Worrel Rd/Lone Tree Way: New 58- unit apartment building.
  • Park Ridge – Canada Valley Rd.: Continued construction of 525 new single-family homes.
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