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A Quality of Life community survey conducted in Fall 2017 shows Antioch residents want the City to do a better job protecting, maintaining and enhancing the community’s quality of life to reach the City’s full potential as a safe, clean, beautiful place to live.

The survey, conducted in October by the city’s public opinion firm FM3 Research, was commissioned to assess resident perspectives on their quality of life, including community priorities and needs.

“I want to thank everyone who took the time to participate in this study,” said City Manager Ron Bernal. “It is very important to our new City leadership team that we invest in every neighborhood in our City, to ensure that every resident receives quality service.”

  • Residents strongly prioritize maintaining 911 police response and police officers patrolling City streets; ensuring water quality and safety; attracting and retaining businesses; and maintaining youth violence prevention programs.
  • Eighty-three percent of respondents also indicated maintaining Antioch’s financial stability was a top priority, with 70% agreeing that the City needs additional funding.

“I know the community continues to be concerned about crime in general, gangs and youth violence,” said Antioch Police Chief Tammany Brooks. “We must maintain 911 emergency response and increase investment in code enforcement.”

“This community feedback is extremely helpful. We want to continue to engage the public on these quality of life issues,” said City Manager Bernal. “These perspectives not only inform our City Council goal-setting, service delivery and budget planning, but help us to improve transparency and teamwork by making the community a true partner in our efforts to achieve government accountability, trust, safe neighborhoods and quality of life for all residents.”

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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the City’s vision?

A: The City wants to do a better job protecting, maintaining and enhancing our quality of life. Residents want the City to increase investment in code enforcement, clean up blight, and attract new business and jobs to Antioch. With the community’s help, we can reach our potential as a safe, clean, beautiful place to live.

Q: What service priorities have Antioch residents identified?

A: Some of the many quality of life priorities identified by residents include:

  • Ensuring water quality and safety
  • Maintaining 911 police response
  • Attracting and retaining local businesses
  • Maintaining youth violence prevention programs
  • Maintaining local control over local needs
  • Restoring/maintaining the number of police officers patrolling City streets

Q: What can we do for our young people?

A: More than one-quarter of Antioch’s population is under the age of 18, many parents commute to work daily, and gangs and youth violence continue to be a concern for the public. It is important to not only maintain, but also expand recreation and prevention programs that keep kids off the streets and out of trouble.

Q: What’s the next step?

A: As we look towards our 2018 City Council goal-setting and budget planning, the City would like to continue to engage the community around the priorities you want us to address. As part of this planning, we will be examining locally-controlled funding sources that maintain and enhance essential city services such as repairing old roads and storm drains, senior and youth services, cleaning up parks and maintaining police protection.

Q: How can I Join the Conversation?

A: Please participate by providing your feedback and comments on the priorities identified by some of your neighbors in a recent 2017 Resident Survey. Please fill out a Community Feedback Survey today! Visit: www.ci.antioch.ca.us


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