Improvements to Antioch Station from Oct 2020 to Feb 2021

As part of the ongoing Antioch Station Parking Expansion Project, modifications will be made along Slatten Ranch Road and a very short portion of Hillcrest Avenue that will improve bicycle and pedestrian access to the Antioch BART Station. These modifications include: widening the sidewalk, crosswalks, and curb ramps along eastbound Slatten Ranch Road to become a multi-use path serving both pedestrians and bicyclists, restriping eastbound Slatten Ranch Road and modify signaling such that the on-street bike lane is eliminated and a legal right turn can be made from the #2 lane onto the Highway 4 onramp and installing new landscaping and signage.

Construction signs will be posted at least 72 hours prior to the start of this work. Construction will occur in multiple stages to ensure that access to the station will remain available at all times.

  • Stage 1: Relocate existing signs, construct new curb ramps, widen existing sidewalk, and install fencing along
    eastbound Slatten Ranch Road between Hillcrest Avenue and the Highway 4 on/off ramps.
  • Stage 2: Reconstruct curb ramp, widen crosswalk and install new signal at the Highway 4 on/off ramps and
    Slatten ranch Rd intersection. Widen the existing sidewalk between the Highway 4 on/off ramps and the
    existing pathway leading to the Antioch BART Station along the west side of the BART parking lot.
  • Stage 3: Modify striping along Slatten Ranch Rd.
  • Stage 4: Widen the pathway leading through the island at the southwest corner of the intersection of Slatten Ranch Rd. and Hillcrest Ave.

Pedestrian and/or vehicular detours are required during each construction stage. These detours will be clearly marked. Please see the attached map showing the pedestrian and truck detour that will be implemented for Stage 1. Detour
routes for future stages will be distributed closer to when the work will take place.

We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your patience during this construction.

Antioch Bart Station Improvements