Meet Your Beat! Gabrielle ‘Gabby Johnson’

Meet your Beat! Introducing CSO (Community Services Officer) Gabrielle a.k.a Gabby Johnson. Gabby started with us as a volunteer with Antioch Animal Services when she was 16 years old, volunteering for two years until she was hired on as a Animal Care Attendant. During college, Gabby promoted to Animal Control Officer, where she served for 4 years until becoming a CSO. Gabby loves being a CSO and is currently assigned to the Temporary Holding Facility at the PD.

gabby johnson antioch pd meet your beat Gabby Johnson

Gabby still loves helping animals and couldn’t walk away from the shelter without adopting two Great Danes, and a cat. Gabby used to have two thoroughbred horses that she competitively showed while in college.

Gabby Johnson says her favorite part of the job while in Animal Control was being able to help animals who didn’t have a voice to advocate for themselves. She takes pride in the fact she treated every animal whether they were dangerous or emaciated with respect. In her current assignment she enjoys helping people and kids who come through the jail and hopefully to reach them and help them with their situation.