City of Antioch - Fence 101

Fences 101

Most people are not aware of the many standards surrounding the construction or modification of fences in the City of Antioch. Here are a few important points to consider. If you’re ever unsure, please check with the Community Development Department here.


Fences have a maximum height of 36″ in the front yard. It is measured from the finished grade of the ground to the top of the fence. Fences may not be installed in the public right-of-way. Many people don’t realize that the public right-of-way (the public street/sidewalk) often extends 5′ beyond the sidewalk into the front yard’s landscaped portion. This area may also contain utility boxes or water meters. Please keep this in mind if you are planning a front yard fence – you cannot necessarily build it at the back of the sidewalk.

Fences in the back or side yards may not exceed 6′ in height. The only exception is the addition of lattice or other open material. In those cases, the fence can be up to 8′ tall.


Fences may not exceed 6′ in height unless specially approved by the Zoning Administrator. In those cases, a fence up to 8′ in height may be installed.
Fences may require a Design Review or Use Permit approval. Before spending a lot of money on a new fence, please check with the Planning Division for any unique requirements


  • Barbed wire, razor ribbon, and other similar wire are prohibited unless specifically approved by the Zoning Administrator for special circumstances.
  • Fences, walls, or hedges may not obstruct a clear vision zone, which is the portion of a site near an intersection or driveway area that allows vision across the corner.
  • If chain link fencing is used, it must vinyl clad.
  • Fences over 6′ in height likely require a Building Permit. Masonry walls or retaining walls also often require a Building Permit.

Please check with the Building Inspection Division to see if your project requires a Building Permit.