El Campanil Children's Theatre

El Campanil Children’s Theatre – Exploring the Realms of Imagination

Exploring the Realms of Imagination at El Campanil Children’s Theatre

Typically, when you imagine a night at the theatre, visions of performers taking center stage and bringing you on a journey through storytelling for several hours comes to light.  What you may not realize, that this escape of reality for you is a unique, immersive learning experience for both the actors and the audience at any age. Children’s theater, specifically, is an important aspect of children’s development, including creativity, community service,  patience, communication, and imagination. For these exceptional reasons, neighborhood theatre such as El Campanil’s Children’s Theatre are important aspects of community. 

El Campanil Children's Theatre

Photo Credit to El Campanil Theatre

About El Campanil Theatre

El Campanil holds deep roots in the historic Rivertown waterfront in Antioch, CA.  Today, it is managed by El Campanil Theatre Preservation Foundation. The mission of the foundation is to “purchase, restore, preserve, and operate El Campanil Theatre and to ensure its continued use as a cultural and architectural resource to benefit the entire community of Antioch.” 

El Campanil Children’s Theatre (ECCT) is a function of the historic El Campanil Theatre that offers theatre training, acting, and stage experience to the youth population of the community. The historic building, which has been completely renovated, is the perfect place to explore paths of creativity for children of all ages.  

What Are The Goals of the Theatre

El Campanil, in conjunction with the Children’s Theatre, work tirelessly to preserve and operate one of the most historical and architectural buildings in Antioch.  They also strive to provide a professional quality venue for both local, and visiting performances, productions, and cultural events. Having the theatre downtown also supports the ongoing economic development of the downtown waterfront district. 

El Campanil Children's Theatre

Photo Credit to El Campanil Theatre

How to Become Involved

If you have ever desired to be part of a production, auditions are held approximately 2 months before each production.  Regardless of your experience on stage, novice actors to trained actors are welcomed into the community. Additionally, actors of all ages are welcomed!  Kids who are interested in learning about theatre and adults who want to explore a new creative outlet have a space on El Campanil Children’s Theatre stage.  

One special aspect of this community theatre is that there are no costs associated with performing in ECCT productions.  This is largely thanks to Antioch Rivertown Theatre (A.R.T.) and other local foundations. Parents are warmly invited to become involved as well.

Upcoming Auditions: July 22ndMORE INFORMATION

Enjoy a Performance from El Campanil’s Children Theatre. 

If acting and stage performance does not call your attention, the schedule of performances is expansive enough to pique anyone’s interest.  From comedy, dance and children’s productions, there is a show for everyone. The costs associated with shows are reasonable – and more competitive than many other community theaters.


Children’s Theatre – Jungle Book – Monkey Dance from El Campanil Theatre on Vimeo.

To bring the theatre specifically to children, El Campanil has a wonderful program where students can come to the theatre on a school field trip.  Field trips are offered to students, teachers, and homeschoolers from any school in Contra Costa County for $5 admission per student, making the field trip affordable. Reservations are made online and allow each student to experience the theatre in a way that might not otherwise be accessible. 

Visit El Campanil Theatre

A visit to El Campanil in Historic Downtown Antioch is a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon or enjoy an evening out on the town.  The production quality is exceptional and offers an enjoyable, and affordable way to attend the theatre. And for kids, both young and old, El Campanil is the perfect way to get lost in imagination and explore the world of story-telling.  

For upcoming shows visit their website: El Campanil Theatre