Antioch Waterfront Real Estate

Downtown Antioch Waterfront Real Estate

On Tuesday, Mayor Wright, Community Development Director Forrest Ebbs, Economic Development Program Manager Lizeht Zepeda and I were privileged to provide a tour of our beautiful Downtown Antioch Waterfront to Senator Glazer, his staff and guests from the Southern California and Sacramento area California Association of Realtors. Senator Glazer complimented the enthusiasm and passion Mayor Wright conveyed as he communicated the City’s vision for this important part of our community. The Senator expressed his desire to help Antioch meet its economic development and community goals in any way he could as he returns to Sacramento after the Senate recess.

Downtown Antioch Waterfront Real Estate

I attended the Mayor’s Conference in San Ramon with Mayor Wright where Lou Ann Texeira, Executive Director of Contra Costa County Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO), explained her agency’s primary role of approving or denying proposals to annex land to cities or special districts, form new special districts and incorporating new cities. Ms. Texeira cited the complex process of Antioch’s Northeast Annexation and some of the challenges associated with that action. I attended a gathering at the Antioch Community Center hosted by Keith and Iris Archuleta, which included Mayor Wright and Council Member Wilson, where Fred Blackwell, Executive Director of the San Francisco Foundation, and his team were introduced to several Antioch agencies, Police Chief Brooks and Parks and Recreation Director Nancy Kaiser. Mr. Blackwell communicated that the Foundation had recently redefined its mission which focuses on “People, Place, and Power.” Through the Northern Waterfront Initiative, the Archuleta’s are working on a proposal that will emphasize resources and facilities that will train future employees for the jobs Antioch and the region is currently pursuing.


Alert Message!

Dear Antioch Community

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the Contra Costa County Health Officer’s Order which went into effect today, City Manager Ron Bernal has proclaimed a State of Local Emergency effective today March 17, 2020.

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