City Manager Reports

City Manager Reports

Antioch Animal Shelter

Find your Best Friend at the Antioch Animal Services Center

Antioch Animal Services is dedicated to promoting animal welfare and public awareness which results in… Related Posts:May 2021 - Asian American Heritage MonthCaregiver Educational ClassesInaugural Asian and Pacific Islander New Year CelebrationCity of Antioch Welcomes Cielo Supermarket

Antioch Neighborhood Cleanup

Join the Antioch Police Department for the 84th installment of the Neighborhood Cleanup

The City of Antioch Neighborhood Cleanup program organized by the Antioch Police Department will take place this Saturday September… Related Posts:City of Antioch Welcomes Cielo SupermarketCalling All Californians: #ShopSafeShopLocalAntioch is Turning 150 Years OldCaregiver Educational Classes

Antioch Police Department

The Antioch Police Department Citizens Academy is accepting applications

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Antioch Water Park

Antioch Water Park Half Off Admission Day

The 2017 Antioch Water Park Season has been winding down, and September 4th, 2017 will be the last day… Related Posts:Antioch Police Department: Holiday GivingCalling All Californians: #ShopSafeShopLocalRon Bernal: Thank You AntiochAntioch is Turning 150 Years Old

Send text to Antioch Police 911

Antioch Police Call If You Can – Text If You Can’t

Call if you can…text if you can’t…. Related Posts:Calling All Californians: #ShopSafeShopLocalCity of Antioch Welcomes Cielo SupermarketInaugural Asian and Pacific Islander New Year CelebrationCaregiver Educational Classes

Sycamore Back to School Block Party at Contra Loma Estates Park

The Sycamore Back to School Block Party at Contra Loma Estates Park on Saturday was a great success. Participants… Related Posts:Antioch is Turning 150 Years OldMidnight Basketball Program is Coming to AntiochAntioch Police Department: Holiday GivingRon Bernal: Thank You Antioch

Clear the Shelters Event Animal Services

Clear The Shelters Event – Antioch Animal Services

Last week Antioch Animal Services (AAS) reported that we were participating in NBC Bay Area’s

Antioch Night Out Event

Antioch National Night Out Event

On Tuesday night, accompanied by Captain Diane Aguinaga, I attended three of over 20 block parties that were held… Related Posts:Caregiver Educational ClassesLove Conquers All MuralCity of Antioch Welcomes Cielo SupermarketSafer Holiday Celebrations During COVID-19

Warrior Images Photography Exhibit

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Antioch Waterfront Real Estate

Downtown Antioch Waterfront Real Estate

On Tuesday, Mayor Wright, Community Development Director Forrest Ebbs, Economic Development Program Manager Lizeht Zepeda and I were… Related Posts:May 2021 - Asian American Heritage MonthCaregiver Educational ClassesDeer Valley High Math Teacher Says Using Rap to…Calling All Californians: #ShopSafeShopLocal