City Manager Reports

City Manager Reports

Clear the Shelters Event Animal Services

Clear The Shelters Event – Antioch Animal Services

Last week Antioch Animal Services (AAS) reported that we were participating in NBC Bay Area’s

Antioch Night Out Event

Antioch National Night Out Event

On Tuesday night, accompanied by Captain Diane Aguinaga, I attended three of over 20 block parties that were held… Related Posts:ANTIOCH LAUNCHES MAJOR BRAND CAMPAIGN. THEME IS…Antioch Police Department Celebrates New Officers…What is a Green House Call?Antioch is Turning 150 Years Old

Warrior Images Photography Exhibit

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Antioch Waterfront Real Estate

Downtown Antioch Waterfront Real Estate

On Tuesday, Mayor Wright, Community Development Director Forrest Ebbs, Economic Development Program Manager Lizeht Zepeda and I were… Related Posts:Ron Bernal: Thank You AntiochCountywide Support Network to End Violence Opens New…A Man Beyond the Legends - Jack Roddy’s Impact on Antioch Antioch Welcomes 3 New Officers