Antioch Public Works focuses on Landscaping

This week contracted crews completed work in the medians on Somersville Road and on Prewett Ranch Drive east of Hillcrest Avenue. Trim and clean up work continues this week on the medians and rights of way in the following areas:

  • Hillcrest Avenue Rights of Way
  • Gentrytown Drive Rights of Way
  • Deer Valley Road Rights of Way
  • Buchanan Road Medians

Last week we reported trimming, and litter removal in the area of Almondridge and Wilson Street was next on the list, however, an industrywide labor shortage caused the work to be moved further back in the calendar, we are working with the contractor to get it back on the work schedule. The trim and landscape contracted crews are scheduled to begin the medians on Lone Tree Way in mid-July, we will keep you posted on their progress.

The Prewett Ranch Drive median pictured below shows what it looked like after completion.

Antioch Public Works

Crews are making quick work of improving the look of the medians on Hillcrest Avenue between East Tregallas Road and Davison Drive and Deer Valley Road between of Davison Drive and Wildflower Drive with new plant installations.

We will be running the irrigation a few times each day until this heat wave is over to give the new plants every opportunity to establish a healthy root system.

Antioch Public Works center median

Collection SystemsSewer Construction

The City of Antioch Collections Division has a wastewater repair crew dedicated to repairing the City’s sanitary and storm sewer conveyance systems. This construction/repair crew consists of a large backhoe or large vacuum truck and three to four wastewater collections employees that are specially trained in all aspects of underground wastewater and storm sewer repairs. We will be working on the following streets within the next two weeks:

  • 200 block of Rossi Avenue
  • 300 block of 20th Street
  • 2700 block of Alcala Avenue

If you see this crew working in the field, please respect the construction zone by keeping away from the safety cones and barricades and understand that there is loud, heavy construction equipment in use, this is for everyone’s safety.

Contact Public Works:

Mobile Devices: Download the SeeClickFix application on a mobile device.

Email: publicworks@ci.antioch.ca.us.

City website: http://www.ci.antioch.ca.us/CityGov /PublicWorks/SeeClickFix.htm

Phone: (925) 779-6950

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