City of Antioch Public Works

Antioch Public Works Proactive Crew

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The relatively small Antioch Public Works Proactive Crew of 3 or 4 TEAM Members is making a BIG difference…. The Collections Division within the Public Works Department has a repair/construction crew focused on repairing and rehabilitating the City’s sanitary sewer and storm water conveyance systems. The repair/construction crew is made up of hard working dedicated individuals specifically trained in all aspects of this type of underground work.

The crew responds to emergencies when needed but spends most of their time being proactive repairing and rehabilitating major root intrusions and structural pipe defects before they get to be a service problem for our customers.

Since the inception of this proactive crew a few years ago the City’s response to emergency overflows has gone down by just over 30%. When we talk about making investments in this City this is one investment that is showing good returns in a relatively short time. If you see this crew working throughout the City please stay back as there are usually large excavations and heavy equipment in use. If you happen to have a conversation with one of our crew members you will find that they are some of the nicest people that you will ever want to meet and happy to help in any way they can. We think they are pretty terrific and I am sure you will too!

If you think you may have a sanitary sewer or storm water issue please call the City of Antioch Public Works at 925-779-6950, or if it is not an urgent issue please feel free to email