Antioch Night Out Event

Antioch National Night Out Event

On Tuesday night, accompanied by Captain Diane Aguinaga, I attended three of over 20 block parties that were held all over Antioch for National Night Out. The overall consensus from the folks we visited was that they love their neighborhoods, neighbors and living in Antioch. It was encouraging to see so many people enjoying each others’ company, cooking up and serving delicious food and showing amazing hospitality to the Mayor, Council Members, Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS), fire fighters, police officers and City staff who attended this event.

This is just another way to meet and talk to what really makes Antioch great; it’s residents. In their August issue, 110 Magazine ran an article entitled “Antioch Is On the Move†where Mayor Wright summarizes the state of our City and the positive happenings in our community. The story emphasizes the team approach to addressing challenges we are facing, along with the many opportunities for Antioch to continue to shine as an emerging destination for businesses and families in Contra Costa County. To read this interesting article, please go to https://www.110mag.com/.

Antioch National Night Out Group Picture With Antioch Police Department

With the two-year budget approval process now one month behind us, staff is working on many of the Council’s goals and initiatives, including opening the Community Development Department front counter in the afternoons, hiring code enforcement officers that will proactively address blighted neighborhoods and business corridors in our community, bolstering our public relations and marketing efforts, retaining and attracting businesses, and better communicating who we are as a community and what we have to offer. Our strong financial health, with over $26M in reserves, will allow us to capitalize on the wave of interest from families and businesses that see Antioch as an attractive place to grow families and commerce.


National Night Out was created to increase awareness about police programs in communities.
Some of these programs include:

Drug prevention
Town watch
Neighborhood watch
Other anti=watch

“I want to extend a huge thank you to the community who came out last night for National Night Out. Events like this are truly enjoyable because it allows us to be involved in the community in a much more intimate way than the every day “call to call,†environment that is oftentimes some of the community’s only interaction with the police officers serving the public. It’s a great way for the officers to get to know everyone without the daily grind making things sometimes far more rushed than we’d like.

Thank you for the food, fun, and laughs that were had. I came to work with a smile today, and you’re all the reason why! The hospitality and sense of community we all experienced is a credit to everyone involved, and a source of pride for not only the men and women of this department, but hopefully for all of you as well. – Antioch Police Departmentâ€