Boating Safety Antioch Marina

Antioch Marina Staff Assists in Emergency Situation

As the weather heats up along the Antioch waterfront, the Antioch Marina reminds us that all boaters and kayakers must take the time to review important water safety information. The Antioch Marina office keeps the California ABCs Safe Boating information available for those wanting to refresh or familiarize themselves and passengers with important safety tips while on the water.

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Just last week the Antioch Marina provided emergency assistance to a vessel when a boater forgot to place the stern boat plug in before launching. As a result, the engine compartment flooded and the engine stopped working far from the dock. The vessel began to sink with five small children onboard as it floated away with the current. With no propulsion or marine VHF radio present, the boat operator was unable to signal for help. Luckily Marina staff, James Pflueger and Darren Russell spotted the boater attempting to paddle the sinking vessel back to shore against the strong current and sprung into action with the Marina’s motorboat. James and Darren towed the sinking boat and its passengers back to the launch ramp.

This small mistake almost resulted in disaster; it is imperative that boaters perform safety checks before launching. Antioch Marina proudly offers a free life jacket lending program available for use by the general public. Please be sure to have an appropriate life jacket onboard for each passenger. Also, make sure you have a working Marine VHF radio and learn how to make a distress call. In the event you need to call for emergency assistance the most important information to provide to rescue personnel is; your location, persons onboard and the nature of distress.

For further information on water safety please visit the Antioch Marina or go to: http://www.dbw.ca.gov

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