Antioch Holds 36th Annual Senior Picnic

On Friday, the Antioch Senior Center hosted the 36th Annual Senior Picnic for regular visitors and guests from community senior care facilities. Along with Council Member Ogorchock, Council Member Tiscareno, Mayor Wright and many folks from various City of Antioch departments, I was honored to help serve lunch to some of the most beautiful and precious members of our community. Besides a wonderful meal, there was a hula dancing exhibition by some or our seniors, music and more dancing…made me tired just watching our seniors in action!

More than 150 seniors enjoyed lunch, entertainment and an afternoon of “Hitsville ASC.†This event was started by Dr. Leo Fontana and is made possible by the many volunteers and sponsors and community supporters.


Special thanks to:

  • Manny Fontanilla – he built the backdrop!
  • Picnic originator, and the event MC, Leo Fontana
  • Parks and Recreation Director Nancy Kaiser and her staff, for all their hard work to make this special and memorable event.

City Manager Ron Bernal at 36th Annual Senior PicnicAntioch Police Officer at 36th Annual Senior PicnicAntioch Police Officer at 36th Annual Senior PicnicThe city of Antioch's 36th Annual Senior Picnic

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