City of Antioch 2019 Service Awards

City staff along with Mayor Wright and the rest of the City Council gathered to recognize employees between 5 and 30-years of service for Antioch. I want to congratulate everyone who received an award and give a special thanks to Senior Public Works Inspector Kraig Hansen for his 30+ years of dedicated service. Kraig began his career in the Public Works Water Distribution Division and now leads our team that provides inspection services for new development, capital improvements, encroachment permits and more. Thank you, Kraig, for all you’ve done to ensure quality construction as our City continues to build and grow!

30 Years of Service

  • Kraig Hansen

20 Years of Service

  • Ron Bernal
  • Richard Smith
  • Connie Friedrikson
  • Richard Smith

15 Years of Service

  • Karen Alsaker
  • Mark Barnes
  • Kory Bennett
  • Dean Pfeiffer
  • Mathew Summers

10 Years of Service

  • Nikki Ausk
  • James Colley
  • Paulo de Oliveira
  • Georgina Meek

5 Years of Service

  • Brittney Crites
  • Maria David
  • Joshua Evans
  • Daniel Fachner
  • Daniel Hopwood
  • Jessica Koller
  • Alicia Lopez
  • Joseph Magana
  • Zechariah Matis
  • Carrie Moore
  • Shawn Morin
  • Samantha Peterson
  • John Ramirez
  • Elizabeth Scott

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